3D game development with jMonkeyEngine3 book

Released: jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner’s Guide

Do you have an inventive mind, are experienced in Java, and enjoy looking through the smoke and mirrors of VFX and the world of game mechanics? Then this book is for you!

The jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner’s Guide shows you how to build modern 3D games with Java. From basic concepts and project creation to building a complex 3D Game: You will learn to layout 3D scenes, make them interactive, and add various multi-media effects. You will find answers to common questions including best practices and approaches, how game characters act and interact, how to simulate solid walls and physical forces, how to take it online to play over a network, and much more. From Zero to Hero, start your journey to make your game idea a reality! Loads of example code included.

3D game development with jMonkeyEngine3 book

Read free sample chapters here: Preface chapter, Creating Your First Scene, Playing on the Network.

Sounds like fun? Download the ebook or order the print edition here:

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All I wanted was an explorable procedural 3D toon planet. I started following jME in 2006/7 when I became fascinated by Java 3D game development as a hobby. When I learned something new I kept notes on the wiki, and others found them useful. So one thing led to another: I learned from jme1 tutorials, I updated jme2 tutorials, and now I write jme3 tutorials -- to spread the fun. :)