If you are a psychic Java guru with the ability to masterfully comprehend brand new APIs without any documentation what so ever, then you won’t have to read our wiki.

jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.0 was released on the 15th of February 2014. You will be automatically notified of stable updates. A re-install is only required for every new official release, which you can keep track of through our blog.

Download “jME3 SDK (Linux 32bit)” – Downloaded 23658 times – 365 MB

Download “jME3 SDK (Linux 64bit)” – Downloaded 81093 times – 364 MB

Download “jME3 SDK (Windows 32bit)” jmonkeyplatform-windows-x86.exe – Downloaded 671268 times – 340 MB

Download “jME3 SDK (Windows 64bit)” jmonkeyplatform-windows-x64.exe – Downloaded 504840 times – 353 MB

Download “jME3 SDK (Mac)” – Downloaded 92733 times – 441 MB



Operating system Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, or Solaris
Memory (JVM heap size) > 40 MB
+ memory for assets
Graphic card ATI Radeon 9500, NVIDIA GeForce 5 FX, Intel GMA 4500, or better
supporting OpenGL 2.0 or better (latest vendor driver recommended)
Java Development Kit The jMonkeyEngine SDK comes bundled with a compatible JDK, there is no need to install any additional software.