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    I can run successfully LWJGL applet on my system, as a proof

    NinjaCave Applet found here

    and here is the screenshot

    so it clearly shows that i can run any LWJGL enables applet on my computer.

    JME3 INSIDE Applet RUN Directly Within ECLIPSE

    Libraries Included,


    JME3 Canvas Creation and Manipulation Code


    Start Application method which inserts panel runtime in to Current JPanel and the actual method which calls these two methods I am running an JApplet then from the Eclipse Run Applet Command Eclipse Console Output JME3 Applet Screenshot From Eclipse Now i pack the current Project in Jar , Obfuscate and sign it everything get done successfully. Following are my Applet Parameters When the Applet runs on my computer it does everything normal and execute successfully, i checked in My temp folder there are all the needed jars including natives exist. JME3 Applet When Runs inside Browser – Java Console Panel JME3 Applet When Runs inside Browser Screenshot so what did i make wrong ? i can not see anything in my applet. I have few Questions here, (1) Why the canvas does not display as expected ? (2) There are some differences i highlighted by drawing box on them specially the Browser Java Console , why is the difference because same code is running on the same computer ? (3) If you look at the browser Java Console you will see that the camera is created 4 times , Why ? (4) In my simpleinitapp method at the last i put the line

    and you can see in the browser Java Console that this line is printed , it means that the method is called and executed successfully ,

    still there is nothing on the screen, Why ?

    (5) there is no error/ exception stack trace on the browser java console as you can see , what is happening ? anything freezes there ?

    I hope i will get answer this time.





    When i add following Parameter in Applet Configuration,

    The following lines appear on the browser java console after this line INFO: Deleting objects and invalidating state

    what does it mean ?
    is it the cause for not displaying the canvas ?




    on my computer the JME Sdk Shows following console Ouput

    Using LWJGL 2.8.4
    Offscreen buffer created.
    Adapter: ati2dvag
    Driver Version: null
    Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.7410 Release
    Renderer: ASUS EAH3450 Series
    GLSL Ver: 1.20
    Timer resolution: 1,000 ticks per second
    Caps: [FrameBuffer, FrameBufferMRT, OpenGL20, OpenGL21, ARBprogram, GLSL100, GLSL110, GLSL120, NonPowerOfTwoTextures, Multisample]
    DesktopAssetManager created.
    Camera created (W: 640, H: 480)
    Camera created (W: 640, H: 480)
    AudioRenderer supports 64 channels
    Audio effect extension version: 1.0
    Audio max auxilary sends: 4
    Camera created (W: 120, H: 120)
    Loaded material definition: Unshaded

    Please anyone can tell me what is the Problem ?




    That last console output is fine.

    I’m seeing missing entry points all the time in my desktop application, which runs fine.
    Maybe you could try to release the demo applet and see whether that runs, that would help locating whether it’s a problem in the application or in the outside infrastructure.

    Disclaimer: I don’t use applications, so I probably won’t be able to help more.

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