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Packages that use Filter The package provides utilities for render processing.   

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Methods in with type parameters of type Filter
<T extends Filter>
FilterPostProcessor.getFilter(java.lang.Class<T> filterType)
          returns the first filter in the list assignable form the given type

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Filter
 java.util.Iterator<Filter> FilterPostProcessor.getFilterIterator()
 java.util.List<Filter> FilterPostProcessor.getFilterList()
          returns an unmodifiable version of the filter list.

Methods in with parameters of type Filter
 void FilterPostProcessor.addFilter(Filter filter)
          Adds a filter to the filters list
 void FilterPostProcessor.removeFilter(Filter filter)
          removes this filters from the filters list
protected  void FilterPostProcessor.setFilterState(Filter filter, boolean enabled)
          sets the filter to enabled or disabled

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Subclasses of Filter in
 class BloomFilter
          BloomFilter is used to make objects in the scene have a glow effect.
There are 2 mode : Scene and Objects.
Scene mode extracts the bright parts of the scene to make them glow
Object mode make objects glow according to their material's glowMap or their GlowColor
 class CartoonEdgeFilter
          Applies a cartoon-style edge detection filter to all objects in the scene.
 class ColorOverlayFilter
          This filter simply multiply the whole scene by a color
 class ComposeFilter
          This filter compose a texture with the viewport texture.
 class CrossHatchFilter
          A Post Processing filter that makes the screen look like it was drawn as diagonal lines with a pen.
 class DepthOfFieldFilter
          A post-processing filter that performs a depth range blur using a scaled convolution filter.
 class FadeFilter
          Fade Filter allows you to make an animated fade effect on a scene.
 class FogFilter
          A filter to render a fog effect
 class FXAAFilter

 class GammaCorrectionFilter
 class LightScatteringFilter
          LightScattering filters creates rays comming from a light sources This is often reffered as god rays.
 class PosterizationFilter
          A Post Processing filter to change colors appear with sharp edges as if the available amount of colors available was not enough to draw the true image.
 class RadialBlurFilter
          Radially blurs the scene from the center of it
 class TranslucentBucketFilter
          A filter to handle translucent objects when rendering a scene with filters that uses depth like WaterFilter and SSAOFilter just create a TranslucentBucketFilter and add it to the Filter list of a FilterPostPorcessor

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Subclasses of Filter in
 class SSAOFilter
          SSAO stands for screen space ambient occlusion It's a technique that fake ambient lighting by computing shadows that near by objects would casts on each others under the effect of an ambient light more info on this in this blog post

Uses of Filter in com.jme3.shadow

Subclasses of Filter in com.jme3.shadow
 class AbstractShadowFilter<T extends AbstractShadowRenderer>
          Generic abstract filter that holds common implementations for the different shadow filtesr
 class DirectionalLightShadowFilter
          This Filter does basically the same as a DirectionalLightShadowRenderer except it renders the post shadow pass as a fulscreen quad pass instead of a geometry pass.
 class PointLightShadowFilter
          This Filter does basically the same as a PointLightShadowRenderer except it renders the post shadow pass as a fulscreen quad pass instead of a geometry pass.
 class PssmShadowFilter
          Deprecated. use DirectionalLightShadowFilter
 class SpotLightShadowFilter
          This Filter does basically the same as a SpotLightShadowRenderer except it renders the post shadow pass as a fulscreen quad pass instead of a geometry pass.

Uses of Filter in com.jme3.water

Subclasses of Filter in com.jme3.water
 class WaterFilter
          The WaterFilter is a 2D post process that simulate water.