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Introducing HeroDex – A Trading Card MMO

The following is a guest post by Tim Boura, on behalf of Zero Separation. Would you like to appear on our blog? Contact us.

HeroDex is a forthcoming Trading Card MMO from Zero Separation Ltd, an independent Games Developer based near London, England. HeroDex is currently undergoing Alpha testing and Beta testing is expected to start soon. The game is always played online and allows solo play versus computer opponents along with both competitive and co-operative play against or alongside other players. This brand new Trading Card Game offers quick-paced matches, a unique feats-based advancement system and flexible deck building.

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Beta 1 Game Contest

The Beta Release is out! And to complement that, the jME staff has decided to host a contest!

This mini-game contest will have the aim of everyone having fun participating and making a good game to showcase jME’s capabilities. There won’t be any genre or restrictions for the mini-game, only that it shouldn’t be too complex for the player to understand and play. The contest will take place between the 7th of November 2011, and the 31st December 2011 (inclusive dates). Below, you can find additional information, including the rules. Any questions are welcomed. Have fun participating, and good luck!
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Making 3079: An action RPG

Quick Background

I’ve always been into procedurally generated game development. Interestingly enough, my first big procedurally generated game was 3059 (a 2D “ASCII art” roguelike game). I went on to create FreeUniverse (a space action/trader game), Gentrieve (a procedurally generated Super Metroid game) and DroidCraft (Minecraft-like game for Android). Wanting to get into 3D programming (and back to my futuristic “roguelike” roots), I started 3069. I had planned an open, block-like world full of monsters, quests and items well before the Minecraft-era hit. I decided to use the Ogre3D engine, which turned out to be more difficult than expected. In the end, 3069 did get completed, but it wasn’t what I originally hoped for.
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