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jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Feature Overview

Software Development Kit: jMonkeyEngine SDK


Supported Formats

  • Models: Blender (.blend)
  • Models: Ogre3D model (.mesh.xml, .skeleton.xml, .material), Ogre3D dotScene (.scene)
  • Models: Wavefront (.OBJ, .MTL)
  • Models: Collada
  • Models: 3DS
  • Textures: .DDS, .HDR, .PFM, .TGA, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF.
  • Font: BMFont fonts (.FNT)
  • Audio: Waveform (.WAV), Ogg/Vorbis (.OGG)
  • jME3 binary files (models and scenes): .j3o
  • jME3 materials: .j3m
  • jME3 material definitions: .j3md
  • jME3 filter post processors: .j3f


  • GLSL support
  • Shader libraries
  • Shader permutations

Material Lighting

  • Per-pixel lighting
  • Multi-pass lighting
  • Phong Lighting
    • Diffuse Map
    • Alpha Map
    • Glow Map
    • Specular Map
    • Normal Map, Parallax Map (a.k.a. bump mapping)
  • Tangent shading
  • Reflection

Material Textures

  • Texturing
    • material colors (ambient, diffuse, specular/shininess, glow),
    • color map, light map,
    • transparency, translucency, alpha map, alpha testing with falloff threshold,
    • sphere map, cube map,
    • texture scale,
    • wireframe
    • color ramp texture
  • Multi-texturing through shaders
  • UV textures
  • Splat textures, Phong lit or unshaded, supports diffuse and normal maps

Asset System

  • Asset importing
    • Animation
    • Meshes
    • Textures
    • Scenes
    • Materials
    • Shaders
  • Multi-threaded asset loading via HTTP
  • Loading scenes from .ZIP files
  • Sharable AssetPacks

Special Effects





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