1 channel for multiple animation controls?

I’ve been working on learning animation with JME. Everything is coming along good so far but I have a question about models with multiple controls.

I frequently run into game ready models that have multiple armatures and controls. For example a humanoid with 4 armatures one for each leg and each arm. Each armature will have a set of animations such as walk , run , jump etc. I want to play an animation such as run and have all four animations sync up.

I was wondering if it was possible to have one channel for all the controls so I can call setAnim(“walk”) and have all four controls perform the walk animation or do I need a separate channel for each control ?

Just make your own Control that collects the separate controls and allows you to set the animation on all of them (or even do other things like animating different parts of the model in a more simple way).

If I understand you correctly, joining the mesh do the trick assuming you have a blender model
I got similar case with make human rigs
Body, cloths, and hair
Have different controllers,
If possible share the model, I can give it a try