.11 thoughts?

I'd personally like us to release jME .11 before the end of the year.  So does anyone have thoughts on what should be included in that release?  Or maybe we already have enough to clean up and release…  Some things we already have in CVS (I'm sure I'm missing some, and elaboration on others would be good):

  • Applet support
  • Collada support
  • Skin/Bones system
  • Water!
  • 3d text
  • Geometry optimizer tool
  • triangle strip / fan support
  • line and point batches
  • improved particle system and editor
  • lots of new stuff for states and df's standard game classes
  • improved memory cleanup of textures, texture renderers, and so forth
  • lots of bug fixes, speed ups.
  • Motion Blur pass (although I've never seen that work… :wink: )
  • We now support Intel Mac!

I say bill for the sound system, but work on FBO support. Darkfrog, don't let us down, Josh's job depends on it.

I'd say we are good on the number of features for 0.11, and should probably focus on cleaning them up, removing bugs etc. For instance, Collada needs some more TLC with other people's exporting. At the rate we are going, I'd expect we could release a solid 0.11 by early November.

I'm currently have QuadBatch (GL_QUADS, GL_QUAD_STRIP) in my local copy, and the beginings of support for other texture formats (3d textures, rectangle, cube map, etc). I'll try to get these done before .11

If we're keeping a changelog here, the MotionBlur effect is pretty cool too.

I'm actually being paid to do a sound system rewrite at work starting in the next few days…  So we might be covered there if I don't have any troubles with a submit of that work.

Don't forget GameControl feature! :slight_smile:

If you haven't looked at it I'd be interested in some good feedback.

On my agenda are two items still undone, but whether they should be .11 or .12 I'll let you guys decide:

  • Complete re-write of the sound system

  • Some sort of support for "maps/levels"

yeah i vote for just making the .11 version as solid as possible, and root for making every release valid for low risc game production(as in bugs etc).

but offcourse, if stuff drops in that are stable right away, lets include it…

mojomonk said:

I say bill for the sound system, but work on FBO support. Darkfrog, don't let us down, Josh's job depends on it.

I'll keep that in mind....so that would open up the possibility for a new member there at NCsoft huh? ;)

Okay, I had heard that you guys were going to be working on sound but was under the impression that would not be able to be contributed back.  So long as you provide SoundNode and a configurable music player (streaming sounds can be queued and cycled) that supports fade-in/fade-out I'll be happy.

I’d say there are enough new features for a .11 release, too. A bit bug squashing and doc/wiki pimping would probably be needed…

Re sound: I think that should wait until .12 as it would be sad if the new sound system would be precipitate (not sure if that word is correctly used ). And whoever designs that new sound system, have a look at the small thingy made by andretti1977. It is really easy to use (I have changed it a bit, see zip).