1D textures

I would like support for 1D textures / lookup tables. Is it possible? I know they exists in GLSL at least :slight_smile:

What exactly are you trying to do?

Implementing a filmic tone filter.

Is there any issue with using 2D textures with one of the dimensions being 1?

Yeah, this way you can even use multiple tones with only one file.

Alternativly implement a own texture1d , shouldn’t be that hard with jme’s kinda clean internals

@Momoko_Fan nope, no issues as far as I know. Maybe the hardware would optimize differently (and possibly better?). Considering the standard of the rest of my code I can’t imagine that would be a bottleneck. :stuck_out_tongue:

@EmpirePhoenix I’m still going through the source code of JME learning the ins and out of it, so it might has to wait :slight_smile: