2.0 com.jme.animation status

I hope to have time this weekend to update myself on JME skeletal animation.  I would like to benefit the many other users who would like to use JME skel. animation but are put off by the lack of documentation, and write up the relevant User's Guide page, but do not want to waste time doing so if the upcoming changes will result in drastic end-user interface changes (thereby obsoleting my docs).

I'm not going to waste my time with the 1.x baseline, and will notate the Guide page (if I write one) accordingly.  I did have a good understanding of the system last year, but gave up on it due to many problems with it (I'm hopeful that these problems have been corrected since).  I even corrected and enhanced the JavaDocs for the package at that time.

I see at least two forum discussions about significant patches/changes, but don't know whether they will ever make it into the baseline, and don't know if final implementation of these changes would significantly alter usage of the com.jme.animation classes.  Please inform me.

If nobody replies, I will not document.  So, if you would like to have somebody document the skeletal animation (perhaps cutting down on the number of forum questions you need to answer), please reply ASAP.

I can't comment too much on the changes, but documentation is almost always a good thing :slight_smile: