2 fps with model imported as .obj from 3dsmax2010

lol I have no idea why, but my game is LAGGY as hell when put a 3dsmax model into it. Even ehen I don’t do any transforms, rotations, etc it goes to like 2 fps.

Should I just learn blender for jMonkey? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please share the model you’re using.

When you say “imported as .obj” I assume you mean that you have exported your 3ds Max model to the .obj format, and then you import that with jME3 right?

No I imported it as .obj from 3ds max, then I dragged and dropped the .obj file into the Project Assets->Models folder. O_o

Ok I imported the model through the Import Model dialog. It gave me a .j3o file and now all is well.

So I went to import another model but the “Import Model” under the file menu is greyed out. Wth?

ok nm I fixed it.

dudio said:
ok nm I fixed it.

Would be very nice if you could post how so this post can maybe help others.