2 player framework

Hi I am currently designing a pool game that I will create using jME. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas for creating the 2 player framework for this type of game in jME? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

look here, JME-Networking is realy easy to use


Follow emp…hellg's (who needs an easier name to refer to) advice and feel free to post here or there if you have any questions.  There's a few people active in the JGN forums and several around here that use it as well, so asking questions either place are welcome.

I dont want to have two players over a network I want both players at the same computer taking turns. I just wondered if there was a simple way to implement it in jME. My idea was just having a variable that defines if its player 1's go or player 2's go then using that variable in the rest of the code. I'm sure there is a better way than that to do it though.

just say HellG  :smiley:

emp is the name of my team  8)

If there's one thing that I've learned with gamedesign, then it's "The easiest way is the best way". Ofcourse I'm not reffering to making your code sloppy and non-OO but more in the way of finding solutions.