2 questions about the camera in the SimpleWater Example

Hi everyone ,

i have two questions :

_ How do you remove the camera in the SimpleWater example since the viewport is attached to the waterprocessor …




_ How do you do that camera ? i was watching on the testmultiview.java but all the 4 camera are on the same layer. In the water example the 3 camera since to be on another layer that makes a very good effect ! i wanna do that but only with 1 camera and i want to have custom position for it. How do i do that ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance !

Sorry, but i don’t understand.

There is only the standard flyByCamera in the simpleWater example.

Are you talking about the rendering of the reflection and refraction maps in pre viewports?

i don’t know if that’s it … it’s 3 windows at the bottom on the screen show 3 different view


Then yes , it’s the reflection and refraction maps in pre viewport , how do i remove them ? if i want to include water to my scene i don’t want to see The view … and in the other hand i’m very curious about how do we do only 1 pre viewport with a custom position.

Nevermind i found out how to manage the viewport story …

i want to remove the pre viewport in the waterprocessor so i can use proprely the water without preview , how do i have access to the code since it seems to be protected

Oh ok you are talking about the debug views…

These views are just quads rendered in ortho mode with the reflection and refraction textures for debug purpose.

Remove this line waterProcessor.setDebug(true); and they won’t show up.

Look at the TestSceneWater example.

i was pretty sure i removed it and it was the same thing … thank you anyway it’s ok now >_< i was always wondering what was this line for… thanks

Edit : When i remove it on JMplatform it’s the same thing , maybe a bug , because in eclipse it’s okay

normen said:

Speaking of camera and the water processor -
Is it me or is the water reflecting the -under- side of the terrain if you move the camera a bit up (just pressing Q)?

I've noticed the same when I used it on my own terrain. I would expect to see the sky in the water as I move up.