2 quick questions about animations

If you have an animation that you would like play once:


This works great! However, I would like to know when the animation completes playing once. Tip on how to?

The other question is…

I know JME transitions between animations as you switch them. Is there a way of setting the amount of time you would like this transition to happen over?

(i.e. standing to sitting. Both are poses… Since JME does interpolation between the two already–At least I am fairly sure this is the case–I would like to take better advantage of this)

1.There is an AnimationListener, look at testOgreAnim i think it uses it

2. channel.setAnim(String animName, float blendTime);

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@nehon said:
2. channel.setAnim(String animName, float blendTime);

Cut & Paste isn't always my friend. Its been so long since I implemented the animation routine in the project I'm working on, I forgot what the second param was.