2 sided transparent objects

http://www.darkvoidonline.com/node/41 gives me the following message:

Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.

Oops :slight_smile:

Try now :slight_smile:



Are you using testing, or just blending?

both are enabled atm, I'm trying everything I can :slight_smile:


are they coplanar or nearly, by chance?

Nope, and others that display the issue are even further apart.

Are they missing bounding volumes?

Sorry for 20 ?'s  :) 

Maybe :slight_smile:

I'll check

20 ?s is probably whats needed, I'm assuming i've made a noob mistake, I just can't spot it atm.


Woot :slight_smile:

I had indeed frgotten to add bounds to the effects.

You my friend, are a hero :wink:

Right, now you solved that one, hows about the fact that my projected texture appears on both sides of the sphere (as in there are 2 copies of the projected texture, as the projector goes through both sides of the sphere :slight_smile:

Oh, and I seem to have failed to use multi texturing to do more than one projection on the sphere :slight_smile:



Hmm, maybe doing backface culling would remove the extra one?  Mr.Coder may be able to answer better about projected textures.

Backface culling would surly just remove the textures from the inside of the sphere?

I'm thinking that there may just be an energy flow that causes the shields to spark up exactly oposite to the original hit ;p, I'd rather sort it though :slight_smile:


I like it! Nice to see screenshots from one of the dozen space games.

Wow, that looks really cool  :slight_smile:

cool :slight_smile:

i bet darkfrog's game doesn't look that cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't have shield effect at all yet.

Oh bother.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I've been focusing on making a game that is playable and intuitive.  My game doesn't really look incredibly pretty yet, but hopefully it will before all is said and done. :wink:

Mine has one pretty(ish) effect, and isn't playable :slight_smile:

That's ok, games are all about marketing anyhow…  :wink:

renanse said:

That's ok, games are all about marketing anyhow...  ;)

I'm telling NCsoft you said that.  :P
I'm telling NCsoft you said that.

... I bet they already know  :D