2 things: OBJ converting and smoothing groups with OgreXML

Both are messed up.

When I export a .OBJ file from Wings3D v1.4.1, the converter puts in the log “Edge/Face detected in OBJ. Ignored.” When I look at the model, there’s a bunch of random faces missing. I just updated to the nightly last night and it had something in there about OBJ conversion I believe.

There are no smoothing groups when exporting to Ogre .scene and .mesh files from Blender. Either that or I’m missing a step or 3DS isn’t outputting it right. Does anyone else have that problem?

What do you mean by “smoothing group” ?
Ogre do support for smooth shading, but I know no more of smoothing in this.

@yang71 said: What do you mean by "smoothing group" ? Ogre do support for smooth shading, but I know no more of smoothing in this.
Smoothing group are a way to control how the normals are computed in 3DSmax. faces belonging to a group are smooth shaded together, but have sharp edges with faces from other groups.

@vinexgames not sure I really get what’s your issue, did you try OgreMax export script?
If you want the equivalent of smoothing groups in Blender, there is a modifier called “Edge Split”. It works differently than the smoothing groups, it only affect edges.
You can have an angle threshold between edges to make them sharp, or you can mark edges as sharp manually (select edge , ctrl+E → Mark Sharp, something like that).
Be aware that if you apply this modifier it will make several meshes, so for once, this modifier should not be applied before exporting to ogre.

About the .OBJ converting: I just gave up and exported to .3DS, imported to Blender, exported to .scene/.mesh. I couldn’t, no matter what program I used, get the .OBJ converter to stop deleting random edges and faces. I tried exporting .OBJ from 3DS Max 9, Wings 3D 1.4.1, and Blender. Each one did the same thing.

About the smoothing: I had no idea that was 3DS exclusive. I feel kinda dumb now. xD

Thanks for the help.