2d game in JMK3

Hi there. Im new to JMK and im willing to try to do a simple 2d game, cause i know nothing about 3d moddeling. I think the best way to do that, would be to transform everything in 2d planes, with sprites/tiles textures, would it ?

Ive read the tutorials and ive understood the basics, but it has nothing related to this. I would like to ‘cancel’ the 3d efffect so the planes wouldnt have 3d distortion while i move the camera. Is this possible ? Thanx for the attention !

What’s JMK? :stuck_out_tongue:

What you want is “parallel projection” and yeah, jme3 has that.

JMK ftw


Hehe sorry for calling it JMK, its JavaMonKey hah :smiley: I meant JME hehe

So, ive seen something about that paralell projection, i think thats the easy part. The part does really gets me is a good way to perform an animation inside a texture (cause sprites would be texturized planes). The scenery ill be using 3D, only sprites in 2d, somehow similar to Ragnarok.

Does anyone have a place where i can look for that ? Im familiarized with sprite-sheets, croping and animation classes, im just not sure how to do that, and im afraid to try doing something wrong with a low performance.

Thanx for the replyes and for the attention !

i think in theory you could just create a quad, and then loop through a sprite sheet, and change the texture every frame. But this should be helpful: