2d game with 3d objects

Hello every1

I am working on a project to make a game like GTA 2 on pc. I have read a book called developing games in java. Everything was going fine until I decided to add 3d objects in my game like gta 2 does which is creating problems.

I want to make a “tile based” terrain where I can just use tile images for each block on the terrain somewhat like pokemon games on DS. My game would be a topdown view type.

Now my problem is that how would I implement such a terrain like would I be creating different polygons for each tile? or just a single polygon with different textures I am really confused.


if you don’T ant to modify it later, I suggest using a model programm and laod it


to use various convex shapes (more stable if you want vehicles to drive on them with jbullet)

the conves shapes then can be textured with the relevant material. problem here might be that you have a lot of objects, wich si slow if you see them all, else it is not really a problem.


Thanks for replying Phoenix.

So what you mean is that I use many convex shapes to form a terrain?

like for example: a 10X10 map would have 100 convex shapes.

yes, kinda like that

another intresting approch is in the terrain stuff visible, where they use a shader to splat different textures on the same terrain. With that method you could have a tiled terrain without the use of tiles.

Thank You So much empire. I really figured out how to do it now.

Appreciate your help