2D minigames on top of jME

Hello :smiley:

I would like to implement some 2D minigames on top of my game in jME. Something like this


I’ve search in the forums, and found:

  1. Parallel Projection
  2. Nifty GUI. Is it possible to implement something like that on top of nifty?
  3. Slick2D. Is it possible to switch between jME and Slick???

    I would prefer to use something that already does event handling (like item clicks and drag and drop)

    What would you recommend?

    Please excuse me if what I ask does not make sense or has been asked before XD. I’ll really appreciate your help :smiley:

    Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yeah, you could use Nifty, or “guiNode”, but Nifty is more sofisticated. What u need to learn nifty is here. Mythruna itself uses nitfy :slight_smile: .

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Yeah… but I don’t think I’d use nifty for a 2D game.

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pspeed said:
Yeah... but I don't think I'd use nifty for a 2D game.

hmmm. 2D minigames right? Now I got it, I thought you wanted to create a menu. "guinode" could be better pspeed?

Yeah, but I’m an experienced GUI coder and have written plenty of my own in my various coding lifetimes. It would be unfair for me to tell someone that “just using guiNode and do it yourself” is easy. :slight_smile:

However, that’s how I’d do it if I had to. An app state to fire collision checks against the guiNode and deliver events to any collided spatials with the right control. Then the rest is the tricky part. (I have an app state and control exactly like that in Mythruna and I will contribute it someday… but I don’t have time to clean it up and extract it right now)

Well a mini game like the one above is easily done. Its just some background image and some panels in a grid.

OK thank you all for your responses :smiley: I’ll try with the guiNode