2d screen scrolling continuation for Vector shooter Tutorial

The question I have is how do you use go from having a static non moving screen to a dynamic screen where the player can move to different areas of a map. Because in the monkeyBlaster tutorial it doesnt give any clues on what or how to implement anything else I have been messing around with cam.setParallelProjection(true); this method it doesnt work though I am completely baffled at the moment

Friend, your question is too much generic.
What do you mean with dynamic screen ?
Did you have done the tutorials from the wiki ?
If not , start there.

well it is the tutorial from Game development plus what i am now trying to do is create a huge quad and use that quad as the background for either a top down shooter or platformer what my problem is I cannot move to different parts of the quad the game is only as large as the game window

Make the quad larger then the screen and move the camera with the player?

The quad is way larger than the window I cannot get the camera to follow the player because the player is attached to the gui node

Then move the quad.

thanks pspeed im just getting ready for ludum dare I know I cant do 3d because I still cannot get a model into jmonkey and I lost my artist. So I am going to do something in 2d whether its top down or sidescroller just waiting for a theme the solution by the way was to have the quad move based off of input instead of the player model its weird but its working for now