3.0Beta SVN not updating?

Hey all,

I was hoping to update to the latest revision this morning (to get all the “natives extraction” updates) – but jMonkeyPlatform3.0 Beta tells me no updates are available. My “SDK Engine” plugin is at r8509, but when I load the updates.xml manually, it says OpenIDE-Module-Specification-Version=“” for “SDK Engine”… what is going on? :confused:

EDIT: I do have “SVN Nightlies” checked in settings

Fixed it… jME3 was caching a bad DNS entry for the update servers (network problem here at work) – just had to reboot :slight_smile:

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Btw, I really recommend not using the nightly for you, especially as you have a production game running. The natives extraction issue isn’t big, it will just always extract to user.home. Ofc we appreciate having a real project (and programmer ;)) giving feedback on the nightly, but I suggest at least creating two separate apps and settings like outlined in the manual on updating.