3 Dimensional objects as HUD

I was wondering if anyone knew of a clever way of making a 3d object "stick" to screen in JME. I made it work in my old engine by doing a ortho projection followed by a perspective… Tried that in JME did not seem to work  :?

Hello Middy,

in my Game i have a similar feature, i have used a simple and very basic solution :

a skybox-like controler which move the 3d object in front of the camera according to its move

it works pretty well even if it needs some tuning to have the object in the right position

hope this helps.



Do you require an ortho projection or doesn't it matter to you if it's rendered in perspective or not? If it doesn't matter, then something like adenthar's solution should work.

I would recommend using Render To Texture. Render your 3D object and apply it to a GUI Quad. This will allow you to treat the object as just another HUD element.