3 Issues

Ok, i updated jME after around 20 days. Several changes are have made me rewrote some part of my code.

  1. Previously, after attaching the RigidBodyControl to a particular node, I was using the RigidBodyControl to move the object around the world. But the new things are doing the opposite. Now, the I am using the Node that contains the RigidBodyControl to move the object. RigidBodyControl’s SetPhysicsLocation and SetPhysicsRotation has no effect on node’s transformation, is it ok?

  2. Another weird thing is that, what RigidBodyControl’s setPhysicsLocation does, CharacterControl’s setPhysicsLocation does the opposite. When I try to move that character to a certain location, then i am forced to use setPhysicsLocation instead of Node’s setLocalRotation. Why this difference between RigidBodyControl & CharacterControl methods?

  3. Another important issue is that, CharacterControl now dont have the setPhysicsRotation. As mentioned in point 2, setLocalRotation dont have any impact on the Node’s Transformation whatsoever, so, to rotate the character I need setPhysicsRotation. :frowning:
  1. Only true for kinematic rigidbodys, you can change this behavior by setting setKinematicSpatial(false).
  2. Same accounts here, kinematic rigidbody is the special case.
  3. Use setViewDirection to rotate the model.
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