3079 forum has moved

Hey all,

3079 is growing rather quickly, so we need to break off and form a separate 3079 forum here:


This will be the new, official 3079 forum – so please post there instead!

Thank you for all your support :slight_smile:

  • Phr00t

I’d like to say, congratulations on your success!!! I’ve been noticing all of the posts related to 3079 from random users lately and kinda had a feeling that it would come to this at some point!

Grats again!


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can we still post on here?

We won’t start deleting your posts or anything but I’m sure it would make it easier on @phr00t to have all of the posts in one place…

Yeah, sbook hit it on the nose. I monitor the Desura forum far more than I do this one now, and it is just a more organized place for 3079 discussions.