[3079] v2.0-PRE3 Released :)

Hey all,

Another multplayer “work-in-progress” release is out: v2.0-PRE3. Put in some useful stuff for single-player too, so check it out here:


Changes in v2.0-PRE3:

  • Collision detection between player and other characters added
  • More multiplayer functionality: characters are shared within server player’s area (still a “work in progress”)
  • Fixed the bug with terrain data geometry not being removed in multiplayer games
  • Anti-gravity packs no longer “lift” the player when activated in air
  • Slightly extended day and night time
  • Added more help to the main menu (make sure you read it!)
  • Internal efficiency improvements

    I’m thinking on adding Twitter support – so when a player starts a new server, it can make a #3079server tweet with the info :smiley:

  • Phr00t
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