[3079] v2.10.6b out!

Hey all,


Mini ships are here, but they are not finished yet! They will be mostly playable in single player games, and kinda buggy in multiplayer games. I also have to get some cockpit images implemented – but its coming! Some texture improvements are coming for them too.

Also, 3D improvements are in with new settings, which should really help out the “slow walking” problem with low-performance graphics cards (e.g. Intel HD cards).

I’ve also added some other improvements, like a chat log (which replaces the /history command) that can be toggled with the ~ (tilde) key & server security options. Fixed some bugs too, like the “guys getting stuck in buildings” and grappling hooks not disappearing in multiplayer games.

Here are the complete list of changes:

  • Mini fighters “Work in Progress”: Buggy in multiplayer, missing cockpit graphics etc.
  • Huge 3D performance improvements: Intel HD cards should work much better now!
  • Character collision problems / getting stuck in buildings should be fixed
  • More polished & detailed textures from Urcheon – thanks!
  • Characters will no longer auto-follow you in multiplayer
  • Fixed underwater textures
  • Fixed a few rare crashes, some that only affected servers
  • Fixed a bug that caused some projectiles to not show up in multiplayer games
  • Fixed grappling hooks from not disappearing in multiplayer games
  • Added password protection options for servers
  • Added banning ability for servers
  • Made explosions a bit quieter
  • Extended the demo time period by 30%
  • Made the sniper rifle require a bit more energy to fire
  • /history now shows a chat log that can be toggled with the ~ (tilde) key
  • Fixed a bug that made quest item names not appear in a quest description
  • Using /goto or /home now disconnects you from a grappling hook
  • Tweaked some logic in the “protection” quest to try and resolve a bug report
  • Other more minor performance and bandwidth improvements

    I have everything uploaded to BMT Micro, GamersGate & Desura (which should also cover IndieRoyale players). BMT Micro doesn’t require authorization, so you guys can start playing the update now! All other users will need to wait for Desura / GamersGate staff to push out the update, unfortunately

    Thank you all for your support! Now to start thinking about the next release!

    @ http://3079.phr00t.com/
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