[3079] v2.14.10b out, new trailer!

Hey all,

This update brings some much requested features to the table like night vision goggles, an extended storyline & ship hijacking. I also did some more playtesting, from start to finish, to tweak the gameplay mechanics and resolve bugs. This may be 3079’s biggest update yet!

This will be the last “BETA” release – I plan on dropping this label on April 7th, when the next update is planned. I’d like to gather all remaining known bugs and get them fixed, so 3079 can truly be called “stable”. This means you will have about a week left to get 3079 at a reduced price ($8.99) – when the game goes “stable”, the price will be $12.49.

I also created a new trailer, which severely needed to be updated to show off the latest look and feature set:


Here are the complete list of changes:
* Mini-ship hijacking! "Interact" with mini-ships to use your strength to attempt a hijack
* You can now grapple to mini-ships (and big ships) using the grappling hook
* Extended the main storyline (level 5 requirement on demon heads & new demon influence challenge)
* New item: night vision goggles! (with a new key mapping to toggle goggles)
* New textures, including a unique player texture for multiplayer games from Urcheon
* Made cities spawn more often
* Added item attribute percentages to better explain/compare bonuses
* Giant enemies now can crush you when very close
* Players now start games with a level 1 radar
* Melee weapons will now hit more accurately according to the crosshairs
* Demon Smiters now do "normal" damage to higher level Demons, instead of none
* Tweaked the difficulty scale (starting game is a bit easier, but gets harder quicker)
* Gave mini-ships a little more health
* Really fixed the bug that caused mini-ships to stack
* Fixed a bug that caused quest targets to be turrets
* Normal (non-merchant & non-leader) guys will sometimes spawn in city fort buildings now
* Fixed a bug that caused some key mappings to not save correctly
* Fixed demon head coloring in inventory
* Generators will now generate more energy
* The "effects" indicator will now properly display on loaded games
* Improved performance a bit with day/night changes
* Added in a "Detects Level: 1-X" for radars (and night visors) in their descriptions
* Fixed the "ESC" key at the end of the game
* Fixed the "player killed by" messages in multiplayer games to be more accurate
* Fixed a bug that caused rare crashes and other oddities with held items in multiplayer
* Reduced the energy bonus caused by using items until your energy runs out
* Radar plots will now be removed immediately on target death
* Effects will now be properly cleared after respawning from death
* Lowered turret health a bit
* Fixed a bug in damage calculation when using the mini-ship weapon

This update has already been approved on all distribution platforms, except GamersGate (it will be there shortly!)

@ http://3079.phr00t.com/

- Jeremy

Impressive! Congrats! Really great work there.

Thanks man, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: Hoping to get this game on Steam shortly… I submitted it today!

That’s my plan too, but I’m still far from there. :wink:


You have some nice work over there. But you should try to publish in some other places also. I’ve seen lots of independent developers saying things about that, that you should try to publish in many places when possible. Would you mind sharing with us your experience of contacting a publisher like Steam or some other platform? I would love to know what to expect.

I am currently published on Desura, GamersGate and BMT Micro. I was in the process of getting published on MacGameStore, but they just dropped off the face of the earth after a contract was signed. I just contacted GOG.COM and Steam today.

I highly recommend using BMT Micro first and getting some sales there. You don’t need to be “approved” on BMT Micro – you can just start selling immediately, and they take a small cut. I actually prefer BMT Micro over all the other systems, since they take the smallest cut and updates you upload are immediately available. However, there are many customers already on Desura / GamersGate etc. that you will have a harder time reaching if you are just selling on BMT Micro.

I also recommend making connections with PR guys to help promote your game and get it on distribution channels. I’ve worked with @alexpoysky (from Twitter) who helped me get on Desura, IndieRoyale & GamersGate.

Hopefully, if I ever get on Steam, I’d love to return to help out you guys as much as possible. I wouldn’t be where I am now without the jMonkeyEngine community! :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s a really great trailer man, very inspiring, great work :slight_smile:

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Congrats on 300k views on IndieDB! :slight_smile:

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Well, I got to admit, when you publish a game, get ready to face some random never expected bugs, caused by all known and unkown causes, and all kinds of reviews. Starting from people who expected a bit more, people who is just satisfied with what they say, and the people who call it crap and tell you to fuck yourself. It’s a hell of an experience.

Please let us know how it goes with Steam.

Thanks guys for the congratulations :slight_smile:

@shirkit, I’ve gotten a ton of that, just as you describe. I try to keep focus on just where my supporters are, and ignore the inevitable “haters” :slight_smile:

@ancalagon, I will keep you guys updated :slight_smile: I filled out the Steam submission form… hoping to hear back from them :confused: