[3079] v2.15.1 -- first "stable" release!

Hey all,

3079 has hit a milestone and no longer considered “BETA”! Players should now expect a more bug-free and stable playing experience, both in single player and multiplayer. 3079, however, isn’t complete – I’m sure there are still a few minor bugs kicking around, and I’d like to get in some more highly requested features like maps and more destructive items.

This most recent update was all about tying up some loose ends. There was a hanging bug introduced in v2.14 which should now be fixed, and a long-standing Windows crash-on-exit should be fixed. Finally, as a result of 3079 hitting its “Stable” status, the price will no longer be reduced. The full price of $12.49 has gone into effect!

Here are the complete list of changes:

  • Fixed a hanging crash that happened randomly
  • Fixed a Windows crash when returning back to the Main Menu
  • Items will drop from targets you’ve done significant damage to (instead of just getting the last shot)
  • Exterior building walls (and doors) are now destroyed by capital ship fire
  • Mini fighters now shoot accurately when banking and rolling
  • Confirmation key (default F2) is now configurable
  • Player lists in multiplayer games now show levels
  • Levels are now properly synced between players in multiplayer
  • Buildings will no longer be generated near (or within) city border walls
  • Added a new multiplayer command “/givecredits” for exchanging credits
  • Camouflage increases in multiplayer now require at least 10% damage to be dealt
  • Accidental bullets and splash damage won’t hurt your faction so much anymore
  • Mining skill should increase a bit quicker when using a higher level drill
  • Automatic player saves now happen more regularly
  • The demo version of 3079 can now run dedicated servers for full versions
  • Characters and mini fighters now rotate up & down correctly in multiplayer games

    @ http://3079.phr00t.com/

    Thanks guys for helping 3079 get to this point :slight_smile:

  • Phr00t

Big congrats! And best of luck trying to break into Steam, which I suppose is the last big hurdle now?

@phr00t @SaveGameOnline (Twitter) was looking for Indie devs for interviews. You should contact them. They’re an Australian gaming site.

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Yup, Steam is the big remaining hurdle :slight_smile:

Interesting, thanks for the plug @madjack!

Congratulations on hitting stable!

It’s very nice to see a jME game get this far completed.

No probs. I told them I’d send someone. :smiley:

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Have you had a reply from Steam yet?

@ancalagon said:
Have you had a reply from Steam yet?

I'm pretty sure as soon as he gets good news from Steam we'll be among the first people to know ;)
@erlend_sh said:
I'm pretty sure as soon as he gets good news from Steam we'll be among the first people to know ;)

You got it, @erlend_sh :)

I've heard it can take a month to get a response... but I've also read in an article (that I can't seem to find now) that Steam gets so many submissions, some end up "falling through the cracks", which I assume to mean "not even being looked at" :(

Just have to keep waiting, I suppose.. maybe if I don't hear anything in a week or so, I'll re-submit the game...

Just got word from Steam…

“Thank you for submitting “3079” for potential Steam distribution. We have taken a look at the information provided and determined that Steam is not a good fit for distribution. It is our company policy not to provide specific feedback on a submission but we would like you to consider Steam distribution for your future products.”

It is what it is… at least I got a response. :confused:

3079 will be exclusive to Desura, GamersGate and BMT Micro, then!

That’s sad. But that’s life. Now, you show them how bad that decision was. :wink:

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Sorry to hear that!

Maybe it’s not on your list of priorities any longer, but for future reference it’s good to know that Valve/Steam can always turn around in the end: