[3079] v2.5.3b Released!

Hey all,

I’m trying to further myself away from “the Minecraft” look, so I added some more polys to the characters to make them look a bit less blocky:


Also included in this update is a preview of fortress building with a construction tool – not all the construction pieces are implemented yet. Also, when creating a multiplayer server, it will talk with www.whatismyip.com to get the real public IP address for sharing – no more local IP addresses confusing people!

Complete list of changes in v2.5.3b:

  • Characters now have more polygons, giving them a less blocky look
  • Fortress building preview: you can now build things with a construction tool; not finished yet!
  • Multiplayer servers will now detect a public IP address to share
  • Added a placement indicator for building blocks and the construction tool
  • A red “X” will place itself over your crosshair when energy is too low to fire
  • Finally fixed the level bug; you should no longer see excessively high level characters for their area
  • New games will no longer start in mountain areas that can be difficult to traverse
  • Increased performance by reducing the rate at which characters scan for new nearby characters

    BMT Micro owners can get it via visiting their original download link and re-downloading and re-installing 3079Installer.jar. Desura/GamersGate users will be notified via their clients when the update gets approved.

    Thanks for your support!