[3079] v2.7.9b out!

Hey all,

I know this forum has moved, but I’d like to keep the jME3 community updated with some announcements :slight_smile:

3079 has been updated – added music, dedicated servers (THANK YOU FOR THE HEADLESS OPTION!!), bullet trails & limb-specific damage.

Full list of updates:

  • Music! Different music for questing, wandering and fighting with smooth transitions
  • Projectile/bullet trails: smoke trails for rockets & grenades, energy trails for others
  • Dedicated server run via command line with java: java -jar 3079.exe --server [name] [population count]
  • Limb damage effects: high-damage shots in the legs slow target, arms cause bad accuracy
  • Items now show their individual weights in inventory
  • Fixed bugs that caused weight inconsistencies
  • Fixed a bug that caused weight to not be updated when buying / taking something from storage
  • Reduced overall resale value of items
  • Removed “resale” penalty from gems, making them worth more
  • New fist graphics
  • Limited the rate at which you can get free items at the end of the game
  • Characters now will have a maximum leg count of 4
  • New HUD indicator to notify player of current effects
  • Grenades are no longer perfect cubes
  • Grappling hook doesn’t shake you anymore when reaching the hook point
  • Minor changes to performance and memory management

    @ http://3079.phr00t.com/

    Thanks again,
  • Jeremy