[3079] v2pre6 is out! :)

Hey all,

v2pre6 is out – I made lots of headway in multiplayer gaming, and I am glad to say it is “functional” :smiley: You can start playing and report bugs.

3079 is integrated with Twitter, so servers you start can be advertised via your Twitter account. I will try and monitor servers and connect to them to help test the multiplayer features. Multiplayer isn’t complete yet, however – clients can trade with server-run merchants, but they won’t stop for you :wink: There is likely to be other small bugs like that.

Other improvements include a new console – it is mainly used for multiplayer games (chatting & kicking players). However, you can also report your current location with the console & teleport to locations below your current level. You can use these tools to quickly get near other players that are around your level.

A new ‘Objectives’ feature also exists to make it easier to know what to do to progress the main storyline.


  • Multiplayer is functional (but not complete) with Twitter integration
  • Added an ‘Objectives’ option to explain steps to progress the main storyline
  • Added a console used for multiplayer chatting, server and location management
  • Fixed projectile collision detection accuracy
  • Fixed a bug with HUD messages piling up
  • Other minor fixes


  • Phr00t