3D Animation Language for Kids

Hi Guys,
I wanted to share with you my JME3 based 3D animation language targeted for kids, helping them to learn programming by using stunning animations.
The entire programming and execution is done in the kid’s smart phone so it’s very easy to start.
For example, the following program will define a model, create an instance of it, rotate and then do some simple skeleton animation:

Sinbad is a model ;
David is a Sinbad ;
Davide.rotate (y+360) in 5 seconds ;
David.animate(Dance at speed of 0.5 then SliceVertical at speed of 0.5) ;

The language parser & lexer were written using ANTLR4, the projection is done via JME3 and the hosting application is Android native.

You can see a demo video (in Hebrew with English subtitels) here:

Install and try it yourself from Google’s play store:

If you like it, I appriciate your rating, feedback and sharing with teachers and kids who like creating 3D animations :grinning:

Adi Barda