3D Anime character done!


I just finished my 3D anime character. I am going to make a mmorpg (what else :P) simular to old maplestory, except in 3D.

A 3D sidescroller. So I created a character for it (as I lost my previous 2 models) and I was pritty pleased with this one.

So I decided to put him up on the web so that I could download him anytime I needed him again. I uploaded him at turbosquid

and set the price to 2$, free for commercial use. Not to advertise, but if any of you need a 3D model for your game, feel free to buy this one :smiley:

Here is how he looks:


More images found here:


Tell me what you think of him and his underwear :smiley:

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Lol, looks nice. An MMO can be hard to be done though ^^