3D Circle (circular movement) around direction vector

Hey there, I am trying to find out how i can create a Circle with a center point, radius and a normal vector. I already know that I have to create the mesh by myself with little line segments. I am also able to create a simple circle with sin and cos but my solution only works in one direction.
I am sure it is possible to calculate the points around a direction vector. Does anyone have an idea to do so?

kind regards

create the circle in model space, along XZ with the center point at (0, 0, 0) and with the radius you want. Then move it to the new location with setLocalTranslation(), and rotate it with spatial.rotateUpTo(directionVec).

Thanks. I also found this solution for drawing this circle.
But i would like to calculate the points without using rotation. Does anyone know how i can calculate all the points?