3D Example Games to Build that'll test all ability (and learn) jME?

Anything like this at all?

Have you tried the FlagRush tutorial? Also, jME is a very general game engine, so essentially every type of game can be done. Integrating with JGN for instance would make it online ready.

yeah i have but the tutorials aren't finished for 7-(the end)… So it's kinda not finished…

I would say the fact that it is not finished is a perfect excuse to learn on your own, after you have been guided for the first couple of steps… I know that that tutorial should be finished at some point, but I consider it a good starting point.

Perhaps jME needs a flagship game implemented in it with source (because Bang! Howdy would be great but it is not possible to learn from them since there is no source).

perhaps Perick’s Dirty Racers code should help ?


https://aircarrier.dev.java.net/source/browse/aircarrier/src/net/java/dev/aircarrier is another open source Game being developed in jme.