3D Features planned for java 8

Hello guys,

just a question about your felling with the 3D capabilities planned for java 8…

see here : https://wikis.oracle.com/display/OpenJDK/3D+Features

  • advantage/disadvantgae comparing JME3 ?
  • is it not “dead in the egg” as Java3D in the past (mainly beacause disconnected of “real life projects”) ?
  • Could they no start with JME3 for implementation (and as is help this project also with more people on it) ?

After all, when google want to embeed D3 design capabilities for google earth, they bought sketchup, why oracle could not be inspired by existing Java3D solution to save times and offer many built in capabilities (such as Loader support)…?

Let us know :slight_smile:

Well if there are no public loaders available t will probably fail kinda. I mean who has the fun to write a loader by hand, if there are other at least equal engines out there with superior loaders available.

ug, where to begin.
I think you are right about it being disconnected from real life projects. There are things they have in there that would make many projects difficult or impossible.

  • A ‘SubScene’ being a camera (like a jme viewport), but also attached to the scene graph; makes no sense.
  • I don’t understand the Parent and Group classes for the Node hierarchy. Way too much overhead if I just want to add or remove items from the scene. Will I have instanceof everywhere? A node can and should be a parent, and have children.
  • Their mesh creation seems normal.
  • A light as a Node makes no sense if I have a directional light. How are they handling the rendering of the scene with lights? Forward, deferred?
  • The Material objects seem beginner friendly, however I don’t see a way to add custom shaders to it. That, in my opinion, will make it dead in the water for most projects.
  • Not sure what this ‘new Image(“diffuseMap.png”)’ is doing behind the scenes for asset management. Can I load in a .tga? Does it get cached? It is nice and short however.
  • Not providing a loader is a bad idea. They are difficult to make and if the project expects to be used, a stable loader should be maintained by the JavaFX team (since they will have budget to pay people the painful task of its maintenance).

I’m fairly ignorant on JavaFX, so maybe some of these answers are out there.

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