3d gui?

The one 3d GUI concept I really like is the Beryl desktop cube.

I think you could apply this at a smaller scale and make it work for certain things - think about something like Vista's sidebar, but it's a rectangular solid, you can apply sets of widgets to each face, and maybe click and drag at the bottom to rotate different sets of widgets into view.

The history of user interfaces has moved along the line of expierience. In the early days, computers were usable only for experts. Then graphical user interfaces (2D) helped some less expierienced people to use computers as well. Making a user interface easier means modeling the real world. Games always were ahead of development. Currently the next step in user interface evolution is beeing discussed (not only here). Take a look at project Project Looking glass, Beryl or even Vistas approach.

There is nothing in for a power user, like we all are. But for newbies 3D environments would be of much help. But when we take a look at MMORPGs, the GUI for them still is 2D in most cases. You have a 2D button bar and 2D dialogs 8at least in those games i am aware of).

I like the idea of a desktop that has some gadgets in a room, that start some applications (a TV set on the wall, to watch videos, a hi-fi system for playing your favorite tunes, a typewriter for your e-mails and so on). When the user starts the TV he’ll use some sort of remote, with buttons that are 2D mainly  (with some 3D appearance of course).