3d human motion

Dear folks,

I am new to JMonkey and have some experience in using non java game engines.  I want to accomplish the following:

1.use a 3d human model that has running, walking and jumping animations, it can be real human or ellipsoid models.

and 2. preferably be able to tweak more subtle motions like swinging the arm etc.

Can I get free or commercial human or ellipsoid models for this purpose? can you point me some links that you find most useful?

any other pointers are welcome


I think TurboSquid is a really good resource for that. Also there is a links page in the wiki which may list some other possibilities.

thanks for the links, I am reading the user manual and see that the chapter on model animation is not done yet.  are there other documentations on this area?

Sadly not. Since animation is a heavy requirement for you, you'll need to choose a model format that can be used with animation in jME. Off hand, I think that would give you the options of Collada and MD5. Try searching the forum for threads about these two formats, there are some good long ones that will give you an idea of the state of animation support. Personally, I would suggest MD5 because it seems to have the most activity around it here on the forums, and the importer is still constantly being developed and upgraded.

Can models made in blender and 3dmax be exported into md5 format?

also it seems not many models are made for blender (ms3d format) on TurboSquid.  Do you recommend using 3dmax or blender for modeling?

Quality animation can be reproduced in JME.

The choice of tool should be down to the artist.

Both are capable, but more commonly 3D artists prefer to work in 3DS MAX.