3D IM Client

I want to create a 3D Instant Messenger client and am not sure how to go about doing this.  My main goal is to have a TextEditor that can have images/animations/effects around specific words of text.  The reason I'm looking at JME is for the fancy effects that I can do around the words of text.  Specific features I want are to highlight a word with a translucent rotating box, or having a 3D effect when cutting & pasting text within the TextEditor.  Or even a cool 3d effect for merging multiple conversations into one conference chat window so groups of people can quickly join conversations.  Long story short - I want fancy graphical effects applied to text within my TextEditor.

I was looking at the GUI toolkits and feel comfortable using anything (BGUI, fenggui, swing, whatever).  But I'm not sure if my goals are appropriate for the JME framework.  Can someone tell me if what I'm trying to do makes sense?

I've tinkered with this a little but I'm at a standstill b/c I'm rendering the actual text in the orthogonal render queue, but I've got my translucent rotating box in another queue (does that approach make sense?).  I can obtain the screen coordinates of the actual text, but not sure how to translate those into the scenegraph coordinates to place that box on top of my text.



Take a look at Project Wonderland.

Sorry for the delayed reply, thx for your comment.

Can you give a specific URL?  I think Project Wonderland does alot more than I need.

it does do an awful lot, but it's kind of the result of the idea of a 3D IM client. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah I see what you mean.  It does look like a cool project but I can't find any support for performing 3D effects on blocks text within a TextEditor.  Thanks anyways.

Infact i am working on some 3d Desktop project that have a 3d IRC =]