3D Math


I know there is a lot on vector and matrix math to be found on this page. But I’m really having a hard time, getting to the mathematics algorithms I need, to solve my Problems.

Do I miss out some docs?

What I am looking for is a knowledge base, offering the mathematical solution to abstract but complex problems.

For example (and that are Questions, that I’m really trying to get an answer for, right now):

  • What do I need to do, to get a Vector3f as the direction from Vector3f posA, to Vector3f posB.
  • How do I get a Vector3f as position, on a ray, only having the ray and a distance, the resulting vector shall be away from the rays position.

    I don’t mind digging into math. But with a collection of this kind of examples, every one would have easier access to it, I guess.


Thank you, but I know that already.

What I am talking about is the step from “this is how to multiply two Vectors” to “this is how to calculate a direction from one vector to another”.

That could be: “multiply posA with posB and add scalarX.” (I know this is bullocks.)

Hopefully I’m not the only person, fighting with that kinda questions.

Read the javadoc of the methods, like Vector3f.multiply()

Edit: If you mean the real vector math basics, theres tutorials on the web if you cant recover your old school books :wink: Vector Math Tutorial for 3D Computer Graphics