3D mesh from a 2D texture

Is it possible to create a 3D mesh from a 2D texture in jMonkeyEngine? I’m talking about generating a sort of prism, with it’s two bases being the shape of the texture (with the texture mapped to it) and the sides black, or some other colors. I only care about the bases of the prism. The result would look like Minecraft’s 2D items. Is this possible in this engine without having to hack too much into the core renderer? My plan is to use that model to then create a HullCollisionShape, since I imagine that trying to make planes collide with their edges would not be the smartest move

You don’t have to hack anything anywhere. Just write code to take a texture and create a mesh from it. Someone that already knows JME well could do it in about an hour or less. So even with a learning curve it wouldn’t be too bad.

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