3D model actions

Hello, I would like to ask your recommendation in this case:

I want a character to perform several movements. I know I can create the model in Blender (for example) and export to ogrexml and then use the custom actions (as the examples in jmetest.ogrexml).

But I would like to create the animations in a more detailed scale: For example, to create different arm/hands animations, such in a way that the left arm/hand can me manipulated independently of the right one, at realtime.

In order to do that, I think I have to import each model piece (arms, hands, feet, head, etc.) and then assemble it inside JME into a Node hierarchy. Is this a correct approach in this case? Is that too complicated? which other alternatives I have?

Besides using ogrexml to execute model actions, are there any other options?

I'm pretty new in this so any advice is welcome.

Thank you in advance.

shade has just asked the same basic question in this forum topic.  I’ve answered how this can be done with com.jme.animation.

Thank you blain… I already bookmarked those tutorials and I will check them as soon as possible.