3D models as Terrain and Jbullet Physics

Hi everyone ,

I searched all along the website and the forum and found no answer …

i made a terrainquad with physics and it’s working :


TerrainPhysicsShapeFactory factory = new TerrainPhysicsShapeFactory();

terrainPhysicsNode = factory.createPhysicsMesh(terrain);





i got a 3D model on it and physics are very okay ,

But when i try to load a 3D model as Terrain i don’t find the library to use since terrainPhysicsNode = factory.createPhysicsMesh(terrain); it’s not possible to create physics mesh except for a Terrain Quad , can someone enlight me about this please ?


Look at TerrainTestCollision. Or TestWalkingChar.

Sorry normen , neither of them has terrain as 3D model … they are terrainquad >_<

Ah, sorry, you wanna do it the other way round… Look at TestQ3.