3D Models

Rough draft of the layout and objects.

Can also download a composite of the models here:


Any feedback is welcome. I haven’t tried making something like this before. :slight_smile:


Its looking great! And you’re aware of course that this will find a home in the forthcoming asset repo :slight_smile:

We don’t really see many Lightwave modelers around these parts… great to have you!

Hey, cool :slight_smile: Love to see progress on this one, we get lots of promises like these you know :wink: Layout looks good, I can already imagine the scene ^^

o/ can’t wait to destroy those buildings with the tank :smiley:

Looks good lwsquad keep up the good work :wink:

Glad you seem to be enjoying the progress so far. I do however have a few questions, since I’d like this project to be use full for you all, and I don’t have near the understanding of the in’s and out’s of jME as the rest of you do.

  1. I’m not sure how to handle the model transparencies in the exporter, or what would be the best way to go about them. I’d rather not UV map them as a static image, as I’m sure the scene would benefit more from the engine utilizing transparency in some way. ie: windows in the office building structure.

  2. For the surfaces of the structures, I could setup some UV maps eventually for the more solid areas of the walls and such, or should I wait until the new TextureEditor plugin to be finished, and have a try with it?

  3. If anyone gets a chance to load the basic file I linked, does the scene seem a good scale with default scale / translation, and does it work out with the physics engine?

  4. I’ve been thinking that for a final version of the scene to load the objects in separately possibly using the jME scene editor when I get a chance to learn it. That way if the models are loaded in separately, it would give way to a custom terrain with the upcoming terraMonkey.

  5. as for the layout of the scene from the screen shot, There is an office building type structure on the right, a parking garage on the left, and right across from the office building structure i’m planning a Park type area, with a fence and some trees, and a section for a small pond / lake, The other small structure is going to be a monkey lounge. And off to the back right where there is a clearing from the terrain, possibly a ruined bridge structure.

    Thanks again all.
  1. Use uv-maps, their transparency should be used
  2. UV-maps are definitely needed, you can use NeoTexture if you want but its defintely no requirement.
  3. It can be re-scaled if not, dont worry too much about that.
  4. Yes, separate models would be cool, try around with the ogre exporter to see how the single parts et exported.
  5. Sounds great :slight_smile:



Here is a new revision of the parking garage model:

Just out or curiosity, should I post this somewhere else,(topic) or does anyone else have like a 2+ hour lag on posts on this forum?

lwsquad said:
Just out or curiosity, should I post this somewhere else,(topic) or does anyone else have like a 2+ hour lag on posts on this forum?

Uh, you should only have this lag when you are not logged in, then you are served a cached version of the site to lessen server strain.

oic :slight_smile: n/m then :slight_smile:

Just letting people know, I have no plan of abandoning this project, and that I have started modeling some of the park scene area. I work on this project when i get the free time. Although free time is something I do not have a lot of at times.

That’s cool. Thanks for keeping us in the loop though, that really prevents some premature hair loss.

Just a little more progress, fenced in the park area, made a small spot for a pond. Added some steps in the office building, and started a ruined structure.

Very cool. I suppose you’ll soon work on detailing a single building for a while?


Well I have planed to start working on some surface and textures, I messed around a bit last night setting up a render scene for surface baking the UV maps with radiosity, But will take a bit of tweaking to get some better results.

I was working on some base procedural textures today on the net-book while working.

For the modeling I still have planned:

Traffic lights, a bridge ruined structure. There will be plenty of of area for water there also, As I don’t have any modeling ideas for after that part of the scene. So basically would be like a large body of water.

Any suggestions feel free to ask.


Yeah, best plan the water to be “one big plane” that shines through here and there. Other areas the should be “wet” can be made shiny/specular. Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

normen said:
Yeah, best plan the water to be "one big plane" that shines through here and there. Other areas the should be "wet" can be made shiny/specular. Looking forward to this :)

The scene is setup so far to accommodate this, But as for handling the Specular aspect I'm unsure of, I did browse a post the other day about using the UV cord to edit / add in specular / diffuse with the same cords, although I have never attempted it, and the process for making the UV maps will be quite tedious. But I'm assuming it would be possible to edit the UV maps in an image editor to make a Specular map?

I've been planning to possibly either divide up the terrain in sections for UV map and resolutions, or scrap it for someone willing to make a jME terrain for the scene.


I forgot to mention on the TODO list for models.

Some road type concrete barricades, and road cones. Something that could be fun for the physics dept :slight_smile:

Sample of the wall surface of a ruined structure, mainly just the wall, still a w.i.p.

Btw, does jME have an iRC channel?

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they should have >.> i vote for one! xD