3D objects on nifty

I was looking at the nifty tutorials and it looks like all elements are constructed from using panel, text and image core elements I was wondering if there is a way to put 3D objects on nifty(like a cube) hud? Or should I stick to using JME3 gui node for this kind of things?

Yeah, the GUI node is probably your best bet. You should be able to somehow use a preview rendered to a texture thats used in nifty tho.

It is possible by creating a viewport on top of the viewport you have nifty gui attached to … However there’s a bug right now that prevents doing that. I haven’t looked into fixing it yet

sadly there is not yet a direct support for this in Nifty :frowning: I want that feature too! :smiley:

PS: This is something that is on my list of things that I’d like to add to Nifty some day … with Nifty 1.3 out of the way I guess this will happen sooner or later though :slight_smile:

Would be possible to just render to texture and then put this texture in nifty as image?

the only reason you use nifty is becomes it handles mouse input.

Else we would use quads for the Gui, its faster (2 triangles only)!!!

So i guess the best way is to render to gui node.

…though doing your own mouse handling isn’t that hard.

Maybe I should post what I use sometime. It’s an app state, a control, and a new listener interface. I’ll have to see how independent of the rest of mythruna it is.