3D proposal: collecting best pratice for building a space sim?

Well, obviously I propose this 3d because I am not able to fix some problems I encountered  :D

So I put here all problems I encountered, just for avoiding other to waste their time :wink: and hoping someone of many experts here could give some hint and correction on planning adopted and failed.

Moving a ship on large scenes:

No matter of scale, your ship can measure few decimal units or 1 round unit against big big planet… in any case your ship will glitch after reaching big distance from origin

This is due to math accuracy on float operations (is it correct?)

Keeping your ship fixed at origin and move only the scene node:

No glitch, hip hip hurr

Quite an interesting topic  :slight_smile: I'll be keeping an eye on your progress, but unfortunately don't have much to add  :expressionless: Good luck though! :smiley: