3D Puzzle Jumping Jack Flag

Continuing the discussion from 3D puzzle on the app store:

Today I released my game as desktop version. Android and iOS versions are also available again.

Jack has to reach the flag. He just needs to pull out some blocks to climb to it…
Sounds easy, but can be very tricky… Any similarity to existing games is just a coincidence. :chimpanzee_rolleyes:


Hope you have as much fun as I had writing it. :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:


Jack is back! And for free!

Today I re-released my game for iOS/Android/Desktop.
Really new is only the iOS version, which supports iOS 12 and landscape mode.

Hope to see more iOS apps! With the new jME version lots of workarounds are not necessary any more… I Couldn’t update earlier and my workarounds were awesome, too :nerd_face: