3d scanner in game develompent

You used to develop http://www.david-3d.com/en/?
Do you think if you can get it with the help of models. Which can be used in the game?
Can it be used to create games based on jmonkey

If you can import the model to Blender or similar software, then YES.

you can easily convert to any format. question as utility models. Do they come to play

I have tried importing 3D scanned stuff into blender. It is ok and should be able to be imported into jME. However the problem is that models are so high-poly that I’m not sure jME could handle that.
I have a scanned N scale model train (like 10cm long and 1cm wide) and it was around 10M tris. Too much for games I would say.

You need to replace excessive polygons with normalmap.

The problem was I could not reduce the amount of tris. Modifiers for that did about nothing and I don’t know other ways of removing excessive tris.

Ok, I’m not a graphics designer, I know only the theory. @winhelp would help.

Blender decimate modifier might help

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digitizer 3d

I think this is the most appropriate model
there is a turntable and 2 cameras

That’s exactly what I tried. No results…

Remove doubles first - so that the triangles form a mesh.

If the 10 M triangles are really 10 M triangles and not 1 mesh with 10 M triangles, then the Decimate modifier should not work…

Use MeshLab for scaned objects then import to blender.

example: http://www.instructables.com/id/Using-Meshlab-to-Clean-and-Assemble-Laser-Scan-Dat/


3d scanners can be used to help creating characters 3d models. For example Artec Eva is used to scan actors and actors faces to create photorealistic game character. Though this technic needs lots of post processing. You spend around same time you spend for creating character in a classic way, but the result is more realistic.