3D Sound Works in .EXE but not Applet (RESOLVED)

My game has exploding projectiles which go boom and explode when they hit something. I use the standard JME3 Audio Node with a collision trigger and the following code to generate the boom:
[java]private void playBoom(Vector3f location){

The location is the position of the projectile when it collides.

The game works fine in the Windows.exe distribution but the applet generated by the JM SDK only creates sound that is barely audible even at close distance.

Any insights welcome. :slight_smile:

Hm, strange, I don’t know of differences in the audio implementations between applet and desktop… Did you do any research on that for lwjgl in general? You say that it works on desktop, yeah? So you use a mono sound and positioning works there?

First of all, thanks Normen, for your reply. In fact, your “BombControl” is the basis of the control for these projectiles.
Yes, I did research lwjgl applets, openal applets, and peculiarities among browsers running applets. I am considering trying a “paulscode” implementation similar to some examples I found in an old forum post. Yes, the sound file is mono and positioning works very well in the Windows executable. :slight_smile:

Yeah! Got the 3D sound working in the applet. It seems it was working all along except that it was inaudible due to the fact that the 3D sound played while running in the applet was substantially lower in volume than the 3D sound played in the Windows executable. Perhaps it has to due with some vm audio configuration settings unique to my computer. Anyway, here is a working example: http://sirfizx.x10.mx/apps/java/test2/Home.html :affe: