3d studio max help

Hello i’am here again, i created a tree in 3dstudiomax, to splash the leafs i use pcloud, and that’s is my result:

ok it’s nice, but to export this to jme, i have some complications, i’am using md5exporter, pcloud is not a object its a particle, can somebody help me, to convert this particle to object or tell me how i can export?

thank you very much

Particles are not supported by neither MD5 and I guess the MD5 exporter. If you want them to export, you must somehow convert your particles into a triangular mesh.

hmm, how can i do that?

thanks for help

Geometry -> Compund objects -> Mesher is what you look for


that'll still be alot of polys by just looking at it, how much of those u want to have visible at any time :? even with SharedNode they might be kinda …err heavy…yes… :?